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We’ve just released version 0.6.0 of our CTF toolkit pwnypack.

Here’s what has changed:

  • Bugfixes (and travis-ci integration).
  • API documentation and docstrings.
  • Cycle-find can read from stdin.
  • Major refactoring of ELF class. It can now parse section headers, program headers, symbol tables and extract section, symbols.
  • Major refactoring of Target class. It’s no longer tied to ELF (ELF is still a subclass of Target though).
  • A reghex compiler.
  • Verifying ROP gadget finder.
  • Disassembler functionality (based on ndisasm or capstone).
  • The ability to redirect stderr to stdout in flow.ProcessChannel.
  • The ability to create symlinks for commandline apps.
  • New commandline apps:
    • asm to assemble from commandline.
    • symbols to list the symbol table of an ELF file.
    • gadget to find ROP gadgets in an ELF file.
    • symbol-extract to extract a symbol from an ELF file.
    • symbol-disasm to disassemble a symbol in an ELF file.

Getting it